TWS Policy Resources and Conservation Affairs Network 

TWS Policy Resources

The Wildlife Society is responsible for developing position statements and standing opinions that address issues that affect the current and future status of wildlife. Based on these position statements developed by TWS Parent, Sections and Chapters weigh in on conservation issues but anchor back to what TWS stands for. These statements and positions cover a wide range of wildlife conservation and management topics. Where ever possible the CSTWS CAC makes use of these resources when preparing Canadian specific policy materials to ensure consistency between the CSTWS and TWS. 

To view The Wildlife Society's policy resources and position statements, please refer to their website


Conservation Affairs Network

The Conservation Affairs Network (CAN) is led by The Wildlife Society (TWS) headquarters and brings together the various Sections and Chapters with the purpose to grow/develop connections and promote collaboration to make our policy actions more efficient and effective. 

The CAN creates direct linkages among Chapters, Sections, and TWS headquarters by connecting representatives of Conservation Affairs Committees (CAC) within each Chapter and Section. Canada is represented on the CAN at the Canadian Section level. Regular communication via conference calls, emails, and newsletters allow information to be shared throughout the Network.

Details on the Conservation Affairs Network, including monthly newsletters, can be found HERE and on the TWS website