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The BC Chapter of The Wildlife Society (BCTWS) is a professional society composed of individuals interested in the art and science of applying the principles of ecology to the conservation and management of wildlife and its habitats in British Columbia. We are dedicated to sound wildlife management and conservation worldwide with a focus on the rich wildlife heritage of British Columbia. Consistent with the vision of The Wildlife Society, the goals of the BCTWS are to:

  1. Support a connected, vibrant, and diverse membership of individuals across British Columbia, including professionals, naturalists, students, and First Nations
  2. Serve as the link between the BC membership, the Canadian Section and The Wildlife Society in general in order to bring information to and disseminate the voices of our membership
  3. Support vibrant and active student chapters to build and support future generations of wildlife professionals
  4. Support policy development and decision making throughout British Columbia that is informed by the best available science.


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