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Our Goals:

People: Provide opportunities for better liaison among individual members, the Ontario Chapter, the Canadian Section, and The Wildlife Society.
Communication: Encourage communication between members and non-members to facilitate understanding and effectiveness of research and management of wildlife resources. Establish a repository for such communication and exemplary local projects and advancements in wildlife research and a medium to showcase this knowledge.
Education: Provide emphasis on student connections with practitioners to align education with real-world careers, while recognizing and rewarding outstanding academic achievements. Establish awareness in the local communities to further advance public interest and general knowledge of wildlife management.
Accomplishment: Recognize and commend outstanding professional achievements in creation, maintenance, restoration and enhancement of wildlife habitats and populations.
Conservation: Evaluate and respond to the principles involved in proposed or enacted societal actions that could affect wildlife or its habitats. Focus the aims and objectives of the Society, the Section, and the Ontario Chapter upon wildlife needs, problems, and issues in local and provincial situations.  


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