Curriculum Review Committee (CRC)


The impetus for this committee came out of concern that our educational system does not adequately prepare students for a career as wildlife biologists. In 2018, based on a recommendation from Dr. Lu Carbyn, the Certification Committee proposed and was given the “green light’ to form a Curriculum Review Committee (CRC). The mandate of this ad-hoc committee was to compile, examine, review, and ultimately to recommend changes to the existing curricula of Canadian universities/colleges involved in educating wildlife biologists. The task to “kick start” this ambitious initiative was given to a select group of CWTWS members: Dr. Rick Baydack, Dr. Erin McCance, Dr. Everett Hanna, Dr. Lu Carbyn, and Don Barnes.

Currently, the steering team is drafting a Terms of Reference and has begun generating a list of potential educators from key Canadian universities/colleges to make up the committee structure. To aid us in our task, we continue to reach out across Canada to elicit input from the Canadian section and chapters members.  In the next year, we hope to be in contact with these select educational champions to gauge their willingness to participate as members of CRC.