Manuscripts Relating to Certification in Canada 

Two publications are currently underway to provide insight into TWS certification in Canada. We hope they will help to provide not only a historical perspective but a road map of how to proceed with certification in Canada.          

1 - Evolution of certification programs designed to create Canadian professional biologists 
At the 2019 CSTWS AGM, Erin and Don Barnes were approached by Dr. Lu Carbyn about putting together a manuscript on wildlife certification in Canada. In 2010, he and two co-authors published an article in Canadian Field-Naturalist (CFN) about biological societies in Alberta. Because of his contacts with CFN, it was decided to develop an article to be published in this Canadian-based journal, spearheaded by Don Barnes. This manuscript is currently in the works with Don Barnes, Erin McCance, Dr. Lu  Carbyn, Dr. Everett Hanna (Certification Committee Liaison Officer for BC-CAB), Dave Ealey (Certification Liaison Officer for ASPB), Justine Josephson-Laidlaw (President of the Manitoba Chapter and Certification Committee Representative from TWS Manitoba Chapter), Jessica Melsted (Certification Committee Secretary), and Al Arsenault (CRB Canadian Representative on the Certification Committee) as co-authors.

To help us develop the proper historical perspective, Dr. Lu Carbyn has generously contributed documents extending back to the 1970s and 80s. Don Barnes is currently in the progress of transcribing these into a usable computer format for use in the proposed article.  

2 - Why are there not more TWS members opting for certification: A Canadian Prospectus
Why are there not more CWBs in Canada? With regard to the second manuscript, we hope to publish in TWS’s Wildlife Professional. 

This manuscript will include the results from several surveys including:

  1. CSTWS survey of Canadian biologists/students with several certifications queries to gain a better perspective on how professionalism and certification are perceived by Canadians. 
  2. A Certification survey of Student Chapters by Jessica Melsted
  3. A survey of employers in the western provinces by Justine Josephson-Laidlaw
  4. Three additional surveys (employers, education institutions, and working biologists) by the Committee of Canadian Concerns, which was part of the historical information provided by Dr. Lu Carbyn.

Additionally, Don Barnes has also reached out to CWBs across Canada to engage them and gain provide additional perspectives. Each was asked to provide the following informtation:

  1. The reasons why they underwent TWS certification when so many other wildlife biologists did not
  2. Any thoughts/comments they may have to shed light on why student/young professionals are not motivated to become AWBs or CWBs
  3. Any suggestions they may have to increase certification awareness in Canada
  4. Would they be interested in adding to our growing list of CWB mentors?

So far, the response has been overwhelming. CWB®s from across Canada has supplied us with a lot of thought-provoking ideas and comments. Over the next while, Don will work towards synthesizing their comments.