The Committee of Biological Professional Initiative    

The CSTWS Executive Board mandated the CSTWS Certification Committee to work with the TWS Parent Organization and the other five certification granting associations to establish a certification standard for Canadian biologists. The five associations of interest include: 
International Societies
  • The American Fisheries Society (AFS)
  • The Ecological Society of America (ESA)
National Program:
  • Environmental Careers Organization of Canada (ECO Canada)
Provincial Certification Organizations:
  • British Columbia College of Applied Biologists (BC-CAB)
  • Alberta Society of Professional Biologists (ASPB)
To make connections with the Canadian-based certification programs, we have populated our committee with CSTWS members who act as liaisons with ECO Canada, ASPB and BC-CAB. All three members have been working successfully to establish closer bonds with TWS. At our November 2019 meeting, the Certification Committee formed a sub-committee to explore ways to the best way to collaborate with BC-CAB.  This 3-person committee (Everett Hanna (BC-CAB Liaison), Rod Davis (BC Chapter Rep), and Don Barnes) continue to dialogue about possible options.
Committee of Biological Professional Initiative and AFS
To establish a rapport with the American Fisheries Association (AFS), we have reached out to Dr. Mark Poesch, Fisheries Professor at the University of Alberta and former AFS President of the Canadian Aquatic Resource Section. He has been working closely with a fellow professor, Dr.  Lu Carbyn, CWB®, to educate and inform students about the certification programs associated with  AFS and TWS. Dialogue is still ongoing.  In addition, efforts are being made to connect with ESA through their Canadian Chapter based out of the University of Calgary. 
The certification committee believes that the time is right to combine forces and establish a Committee of Biological Professionals (CBP). Since CBP would represent the 6 professional programs involving fish, wildlife, ecosystems, and environments, it would be a powerful vehicle to promote professionalism in Canada.