Committee Members 


Jenny Rodgers

Education Committee Chair
Jennifer Rodgers, Wildlife Biologist

Jenny has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Waterloo in Environment and Resource Studies and a Master of Natural Resource Management (MNRM) degree from the University of Manitoba, where she studied the effects of shallow gas development on relative abundances of grassland songbirds in a mixed-grass prairie. Following the completion of her MNRM, Jenny has worked for Environment Canada, the Canadian Wildlife Service, and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) on a variety of projects and wildlife such as birds, coyotes, wolves, moose, and caribou. She is currently a Research Analyst for the MNRF Human Dimensions of Conservation and Ecosystem Management Program at the Centre for Northern Forest Ecosystem Research in Thunder Bay, Ontario.


Member - Art Rodgers
Member - Courtney Hughes
Member - Daniel Fortin
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Student Representative - Emily Jones