Jessica Lang: Mule Deer in Grasslands National Park

The Canadian Section of The Wildlife Society 

The Canadian Section of The Wildlife Society (CSTWS) is a professional organization that was founded in 2007, which aims to foster excellence in wildlife stewardship through science and education in Canada. The CSTWS is legally incorporated under the Incorporations Act of Canada and received charitable (not-for-profit) status in 2020. For more information about our Incorporation Bylaws, please click HERE.
Our Members
Our members are drawn from provincial, territorial and federal governments, universities and colleges, environmental and wildlife conservation groups, resource industries, First Nations and the general public, including scientists, managers, educators, students, technicians, planners, consultants and others interested in the management, conservation and study of wildlife populations and their habitats. 


Our Mission
The role of the CSTWS is to inspire, empower, and enable wildlife professionals to have a positive impact on wildlife sustainability, through recognition as a trusted organization that promotes science-based management by an open and inclusive community of members.

Our Values
  • Sustainability: CSTWS practices are founded on principles of sustainability for wildlife conservation and organizational management
  • Science-based: CSTWS believes in ensuring a science-based approach to the management of wildlife and their habitats. Linking science to management is critically important to CSTWS.
  • Progressive: CSTWS prides itself on being at the cutting edge of emerging science and management, thereby enabling CSTWS to play a leadership role in the evolution of public policy.
  • Committed: CSTWS is persistent in pursuing proven concepts, policies and practices. CSTWS partners and collaborators have an implicit trust in CSTWS’s performance.
  • Collaborative: CSTWS recognizes that a single interested party is rarely strong enough on its own to achieve all its objectives and that partnership and collaboration with others who share CSTWS interests are the keys to having an optimal impact.
  • Respectful: CSTWS is respectful of historical and traditional knowledge and of a diversity of perspectives. It is respectful in its relationships believing that only by being respectful does an organization earn respect and trust.
  • Ethical: CSTWS is ethically motivated in the manner in which it manages its own internal affairs and the way in which it manages its external relationships. CSTWS seeks to be a model of integrity both internally and externally.
  • Open and Transparent: CSTWS is open and transparent about its intentions and its methods both internally and externally. CSTWS seeks and values the involvement of others with shared interests.
  • Optimistic: CSTWS is an organization that believes that the best creative thought is generated from a place of optimism.
  • Non-partisan: Irrespective of the political preferences or the vocations of its individual members, CSTWS exhibits a non-partisan approach in the conduct of its business and its relationships.