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Within the Canadian Section of the Wildlife Society (CSTWS), there exists a need to periodically review and provide comments on developing and ongoing public policy and associated issues relevant to wildlife conservation and management in Canada. For this purpose, the CSTWS Executive established the Conservation Affairs Committee (CAC). The CAC will coordinate the development and dissemination of science-supported information required to inform the public, policymakers, wildlife professionals, other resource managers, and the public concerning these issues.

The role of CAC is to:

  • Identify and describe priority issues surrounding wildlife management across Canada, and where appropriate, contribute information relevant to decision making at all levels of government and other relevant agencies that can have an impact on wildlife and habitats. This will occur through coordination with the Canadian Section Board of Directors and individual expertise within the Section
  • Provide scientific, technical, and ethical background information in a manner that is consistent with the goals and direction of the CSTWS and TWS.
  • Provide feedback to The Wildlife Society on wildlife management and conservation issues of particular relevance to the Canadian context, such that TWS can undertake its mandate sensitive to the needs of its Canadian membership.

The roles, responsibilities and operations of the CAC are guided by a Terms of Reference that is reviewed and approved by the CSTWS Board of Directors.

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