Jessica Lang


Nominations and Elections Committee: An up to three-member Nominations and Elections Committee chaired by the Past President and individuals appointed by the President, shall prepare a slate of candidates to stand for election for the upcoming open Board of Director seats. For more information about the Nominations and Elections Committee, please email

Finance Committee: The Finance Committee provides advice to the Treasurer (and Board) on all issues related to the finances of the Canadian Section.  For more information about the Finance Committee, please email



In addition to Standing Committees, the President of the Section can strike ad-hoc committees, which report to the Board, to address specific needs of the Section.  If you would like to participate in any ad-hoc committees, please email

Planning Committee: This committee works in close collaboration with the Board to draft a long-range plan for the Section to include short and long-term planning goals, strategic steppingstones and milestones to goal achievement as well as short and long-term financial planning. For more information about the Website and Newsletter Committee, please email

Shared Moose Management Committee: The Shared Moose Management Committee reports to the Board, and acts on behalf of the Board to oversee the Section’s shared agreement with the Government of Manitoba.  For more information about the Shared Moose Management Committee, please contact