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Significant and sustained fundraising is key to the long-term success of CSTWS.  Fund-raising efforts need to be tied to specific needs of CSTWS and so a close relationship between fund-raising efforts and CSTWS finance is desirable.  Although fund-raising is one of the primary duties of the Executive Director of CSTWS, the financial procedures of the Finance Committee of CSTWS preclude the membership of the Executive Director on the Finance Committee.  A close tie between the fund-raising efforts of the Executive Director and the financial needs of CSTWS is one of the roles that the Fund-Raising Committee will serve.  The Board of Directors of CSTWS also wants to draw on the expertise of its members to assist and provide direction relative to CSTWS’ fund-raising efforts, and the Fund-Raising Committee provides a mechanism for providing such advice both to the Executive Director and the Board of Directors.


Objectives of the Fund-Raising Committee 
The Fund-Raising Committee of the CSTWS has the following objectives:
  • To provide advice and suggestions for fund-raising activities to the Executive Director of CSTWS;

  • To link the fund-raising efforts of the Executive Director and CSTWS to specific financial needs as appropriate; and

  • To draw on the expertise and experience of CSTWS members to support successful fund-raising efforts of CSTWS.

  • To identify potential fundraising opportunities for the CSTWS to pursue.

  • To provide advice and suggestions on how fundraised dollars can be implemented to support CSTWS charitable purposes, including a proportional amount for other overhead costs to maintain compliance with CRA guidelines. 


Deliverables of the CSTWS Fund-Raising Committee

The Fund-Raising Committee of the CSTWS provides:

  1. Advise the Executive Director and Board of CSTWS with respect to fund-raising activities; 

  2. A linkage between fund-raising efforts and financial needs of CSTWS;

  3. Periodic written or verbal reports from the Fund-Raising Committee as part of the CSTWS Representatives Meeting; and

  4. An annual report to the CSTWS Board of Directors on the activities of the Fund-Raising Committee.


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For any inquiries or questions, or to become involved with the Fund-Raising Committee, please email .