Emily Thoroski
Any professional wildlife biologist by training or employment or university students receiving training in a wildlife or related curriculum or course and residing in Canada can become a member of CSTWS. The committee works on recruitment and retention initiatives for our members. Additionally, this committee manages and maintains the CSTWS membership database, including letters of welcome to new members and letters of encouragement to renew.
The Membership Committee oversees the recruitment and retention of members, keeps track of memberships, and provides up-to-date membership lists to the Board and other committees as needed.
A full list of member benefits can be found under the Get Engaged menu of this website, but here is a brief description of those benefits in the form of a letter welcoming new members to the Section: Click HERE to view our Welcome Letter


 welcome letter

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For any inquiries or questions, or to become involved with the Membership Committee, please email us at Membership@cstws.ca
Results of Past Membership Surveys 
Click HERE to view our 2018 Membership Survey Results.