Robert Wheeldon: Red foxes in MB

The CSTWS considers offering a level of financial sponsorship to support organizations for conference, educational, or meeting events that are related to wildlife or their management. To request funding, please review the CSTWS Guidelines on Granting Requests for Funding Support and submit a cover letter containing the following information.


CSTWS Guidelines on Granting Requests for Funding Support

  1. Requests for funding support to be emailed to the CSTWS email:
  2. The agency(s) or organization(s) hosting the conference/event or meeting should be listed.
  3. The purpose or nature of the meeting or conference should be stated (e.g. conservation of grassland birds) as it relates to wildlife or their management.
  4. The location and date of the conference should be stated. Preference will be given but not limited to those being held in Canada.
  5. The proposed attendance numbers should be listed or at least estimated (support for very small/low attendance meetings will not regularly be supported by CSTWS)
  6. The same conferences or meetings may not be supported annually. 
  7. The request should state how CSTWS will be acknowledged (for example, in the conference program)
  8. Requests may state an amount being requested but this is not a requirement.


Letters should be submitted at least 4 months prior to the event to allow for review and approval by CSTWS Board of Directors.


Student Travel Awards

Are you a student seeking financial support to attend our CSTWS Annual Conference or the TWS Annual Conference? Applications for our Student Travel Awards can be found HERE.