TWS Leadership Institute 

The Leadership Institute is an annual course that provides leadership training to early career professionals. The Leadership Institute provides participants with intensive activities and mentoring relationships that help develop the skills needed to take on a more active leadership role in their workplace and in TWS. For more information on the TWS Leadership Institute or to submit an application, please refer to the TWS website.


Canadian TWS Leadership Institute Alumni
  • Alex Beatty (2023)
  • Julien St-Amand (2020)
  • Mariana Nagy-Reis (2020)
  • Sarah Milligan (2017)
  • Brian Kiss (2016)
  • Sonja Leverkus (2014)
  • Erin McCance (2014)
  • Agnes Pelletier (2013)
  • Jonathan Wiens (2013)

Johanna Thalmann_Damselflies

Johanna Thalmann: Damselflies wait for the dew to dry in early morning rays of the sun.