Emily Thoroski: Great Gray Owl in Southern Manitoba Winter 2020


Ian McTaggart Cowan Photo

 Ian McTaggart Cowan


Applications for the Ian McTaggart-Cowan Lifetime Achievement Award (CLAA) are now CLOSED for 2024.


The Ian McTaggart-Cowan Lifetime Achievement Award (CLAA) is awarded by the Canadian Section of The Wildlife Society (CSTWS) to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the understanding, conservation, and/or management of wildlife in Canada over their careers. The Award is named for Dr. Ian McTaggart-Cowan, a founding pioneer of the wildlife profession, an honorary life member and former President of The Wildlife Society (TWS), and recipient of the TWS Aldo Leopold Award.

The Award will be presented at the CSTWS Annual General Meeting and the recipient will receive free registration and up to $1,000 CAD may be reimbursed to attend the in-person meeting. Nominees are eligible for the award for up to 3 years after nomination.

The nominee for the CLAA will have made an outstanding contribution to wildlife biology, conservation, education and/or management in Canada throughout her or his career. These accomplishments may have been made in management, education, research, or administration (or any combination therein) and have noticeably advanced the field of wildlife biology and management and/or enhanced wildlife conservation and education.

The CLAA recognizes achievements in the wildlife profession that have received, or are worthy of, national recognition.

The CLAA is open to any wildlife professional, practicing or retired, whether or not they are a member of the CSTWS and/or TWS.

The evaluation process is guided by the nominee’s lifetime contribution. The evaluation of the nominees needs to consider: the relative magnitude of the contribution; whether or not the contribution has been received (or is worthy of national recognition); and that contributions to wildlife biology, conservation, education and/or management are of equal value, but that contributions to multiple facets of the wildlife profession are of greater value.

Annual nominations for the Cowan Award are to be submitted in digital form by email to the Chair of the CSTWS Awards Committee (awards@cstws.ca) by January 1st of each year. 

Nomination materials consist of: 

  • Complete nomination form 
  • A letter highlighting the significance and breadth of the contribution of the nominee
  • A CV of the nominee
  • High-quality digital photograph of the nominee