One of the requirements of both the Associate and Certified Wildlife Biologist certification application process includes having a Certified Wildlife Biologist (CWB) to act as a reference. The CSTWS certification mentorship program was designed to help connect TWS members with Certified Wildlife Biologists in Canada, who can full a mentorship role and assist with the reference requirement. Currently, we have CWB mentors in all provinces, except P.E.I, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland & Labrador. In addition, we have representation in Yukon.

Mentorship Protocol:

Students/biologists that are interested in participating in our mentorship program should the following information to CSTWSCertificationCommittee@gmail.com:

1) Your work experience highlighting any interests you deem worthy of note
2) Your involvement in TWS – are you a TWS member and if you are, how are you involved with TWS organization?
3) If you are a student, please indicate your educational status (i.e. your university or college program and year level). If you are a wildlife biologist, please indicate the diplomas/degrees achieved
4) Your mentor choice (gender/regional preference or if you want a specific CWB)
5) Please explain why you want to be certified


Based on the information provided, we will reach out to Canadian CWBs and pair the TWS member with a CWB. Once the pairing is completed then the dialogue can begin. We feel this arrangement is a win-win situation for both the TWS member mentee and CWB mentor. The student/biologist gets the benefit of some sage advice from a seasoned CWB and the CWB gets to know the student/biologist, so he/she can feel comfortable in acting as a CWB reference. Another hidden advantage of this mentorship program is the potential for the establishment of a long-term connection between two TWS members.